He Bao-quan
decided to concentrate in guzheng and followed the Master Zhang Weizhou of
Shangdong School, Master Cao Dongfu of Henan School, Master Luo Jiuxiang of
Hakka School, and other masters such as Zhou Yuzai, Zha Musu, Wang Shingwu,
Wang Zhuangzhi, and Lin Mao Gen.  He has also studied at Central Conservatory
Music, Tianjing Conservatory Music and Shengyang Conservatory Music.  After he
graduated in 1961, he stayed at Tianjing Coservatory Music as a professional
teacher.  Currently, he is the guzheng professor at Shanghai Music Conservatory.  

In the 30 years of his professional guzheng teaching period, He Baoquan has
consolidated mass amount of guzheng information and published many textbooks.  
He has trained many young performers such as Luo Xiaoci and Luo Jing.  Besides
that, He Baoquan is also dedicated in refining guzheng instrument and innovation.  
He invented the Butterfly Style Guzheng that allows an easy tune change.  
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